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folks defending the confederate flag often claim it's a symbol of 'southern heritage". I don't buy that for a hot second. Do you? No one ever asks them what they mean by that, but they volunteer things occasionally - stuff about "states rights" and the imposition of government over-reach. They'll claim that it's "not about slavery and hate". They might as well claim that slavery itself wasn't about bondage or involuntary labor. Their revising of history has a subtler side, however when even more enlightened reflections on Southern culture overlook the experiences of people of color and, in particular, women of color. This edition of Your Music features all female artists from the South who had or have tremendous influence, most of whom were or are not white - a forgotten aspect of "Southern heritage", and one truly worth celebrating. You'll hear Josephine Baker, Big Mama Thornton, Sister Rosetta Tharp, Mahalia Jackson Pura Fe, Memphis Minnie, Hazel Dickens, Bobbi Humphrey, Odetta and more.

people who defend the confederate emblems often claim it's about