# 369 - Networking 202: What Else We Need To Know

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Tonight on the Show, an update to Networking 201, with tips for surviving a job transition in the time of COVID.

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# 163: Networking 101 Midterm Exam - The Best of Networking 101

1:00:15 minutes (55.16 MB)

Networking 109: Having Fun During Your Job Search

58:10 minutes (53.26 MB)

Tonight on the show, how does one have fun during their job search? And, how did I get to this show on this station? Those questions will both be answered tonight.

Networking 107 - Job Interviews

56:55 minutes (52.11 MB)

Tonight on the show, Networking 107 talks about the Job Interview Process.

- How applying for a job has changed
- Online assessments, what are they?
- Things to know on the "Road of Job Interviews"
- Criminal Background Checks and "Ban the Box"
- George O'Leary Syndrome

Networking 104: A Bunch of Random Jobhunting Facts Thrown Together At the Last Minute

59:40 minutes (54.63 MB)

Tonight, on the show:
- Informational Interviews, what are they and what do they mean?
- Mobility, why is it important in a job search?
- Social Media, the two-way road
- "The Internship" and how does the plot relate to job searching

Networking 103: The Art of Schmoozing

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Tonight on the show, Schmoozing is discussed. What is it exactly, and why is it (plus making a connection) important in networking? Also, "The Kevin Bacon Experience". What is it exactly (and why is Kevin Bacon so popular)?


Happy Anniversary....Again

59:40 minutes (54.63 MB)

Tonight on the show, a look back at the last 12 months of the show with the Best of the show talking about Networking, talking about Politics, talking about Sports, talking about Columbus's Bicentennial, and talking with Biff and Raff.

KEY EVENTS mentioned in tonight's how:
- Volunteer UA Expo (Wednesday from 10-8PM; Upper Arlington Main Library on Tremont Rd., opposite the Tremont Center)
- Earth Day Columbus (Worksites- Saturday & Sunday and Celebration on April 27;
- Harmony Project Volunteer Week (April 21-27 along Livingston Avenue Streetcar District corridor between Parsons & Nelson;
- Ohio Young Professionals Weekend (April 26 @ Gateway Film Center & April 27 starting at Columbus Commons; Multi-Group Mixer also April 26, but @ Kildare's Irish Pub at South Campus Gateway;

And...The State of the Show Address (which was left off the cutting room floor of tonight's show):

- When The DJBC Happy Hour Facebook Page gets to 200 likes, the theme(s) for the February 3 & 17, 2014 weeks will be revealed.

Networking 102 (plus Political Corner)

59:01 minutes (54.03 MB)
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