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Your Music - Gil Scott Heron Tribute

69:46 minutes (127.74 MB)

Your Music - YM171-172

119:04 minutes (109.02 MB)

Your Music - 175-176

117:56 minutes (107.98 MB)

Your Music - 177-178

119:27 minutes (109.37 MB)

Your Music - 179-180

119:35 minutes (109.48 MB)

Your Music - 181-182

118:31 minutes (108.51 MB)

Your Music - 183-184

119:15 minutes (109.19 MB)

Your Music - 185-186 - Music from around the world

118:21 minutes (108.36 MB)

Your Music - 187-188

117:57 minutes (107.99 MB)

Your Music - 189-190

119:12 minutes (109.13 MB)

Your Music- 191-192- Music from Iran

119:56 minutes (109.81 MB)

Your Music - International Women's Day Special

119:46 minutes (109.65 MB)

your music - part 1 apr-2-2012

62:35 minutes (57.31 MB)

Your Music - Part 2 Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs with Martha White Theme

60:40 minutes (111.08 MB)

Your Music - Zakir Hussain

119:37 minutes (109.52 MB)

Your Music - 197-198

118:45 minutes (108.73 MB)

Your Music - 200-201 Fred Ho

118:30 minutes (108.49 MB)

Cinco de Mayo special

119:58 minutes (109.84 MB)

Not your run-of-the-mill Cinco special, but a more earnest look at the depth and variety of Mexican music in a cultural and political context. Here there are songs of protest and struggle from Amparo Ochoa, Judith Reyes, and Chavela Vargas, as well as classical, Jazz, and traditional folk music from various regions

Your Music 204-205 Hessler Street Fair 2011 pt 1

119:54 minutes (109.77 MB)

This week we'll hear music from the 2011 Hessler Street Fair in Cleveland, recorded from the internet stream from WRUW. There are three bands featured in this edition; Cats on Holiday, In To The Blue, and the Hessler Street Blues Allstars.

Your Music 206-207 Fracking and Hessler street fair music

118:31 minutes (108.51 MB)

Your Music 208-209 Andy Griffith, Doc Watson, Hazel Dickens and John Trexler

118:28 minutes (108.46 MB)

This started off as just an eclectic mix beginning with a tribute to Andy Griffith, but then I added some Doc Watson and it became more about Appalachian artists who have passed recently. Hazel Dickens is here, as is John Trexler, an "early music" performer I knew in North Carolina. There's a track from an aboriginal Appalachian ( Cherokee) and some material from Floydfest and other LIVING appalachian artists ( mainly women).

Your Music Surf Mexico

117:06 minutes (107.22 MB)

1st hour; surf music from Mexico
2nd hour eclectic mix

YM213-214 Antioquia, Chavela Vargas, Barefoot Movement and Cheick Hamala Diabate

119:41 minutes (109.58 MB)

3 songs from Antioquia who will be in Columbus on August 9 at Kobo, a tribute to the great Chavela Vargas (pictured), a set from Barefoot Movement who will be at Byrne's Pub on August 23 for a WCRS benefit, and a long set by Malian musician Cheick Hamala Diabate recorded at Floydfest 2012

Your Music - Zakir Hussain - October 1st

119:06 minutes (109.04 MB)

Your Music

118:18 minutes (108.31 MB)

eclectic mix this week including a live-recorded set from March Fourth, a marching band from Portland, Oregon, and, in the second hour, audio from the 2005 School of the Americas protest featuring the Indigo Girls and Charlie King.

Your Music 217-218

119:05 minutes (109.03 MB)

Muna Zul, Lila Downs, Septeto Nacionale de Mexico, Ancient Future, Esperanza Spalding, King Suni Ade, Dudu Pukwana, Glen Valez, Chris McGregor, Kalamesh Maita

Your Music 218-219

119:00 minutes (108.95 MB)

Stata East and similar material.

Your Music 220-221 Leftover Salmon

119:29 minutes (109.4 MB)

live concert recording

Your Music (Ceasefire edition) Music of Palestine

118:33 minutes (108.54 MB)

Muisic of Palestine, including White Flag Project, a group of Israeli and Gazan musicians who sing songs of intercultural cooperation and understanding

Your Music - Your Music 224-225 East-West fusion

119:49 minutes (109.71 MB)

East-West fusion featuring a selection from a live concert recording from Columbus,some Indian music, American Indian music, Persian classical and contemporary, some American jazz and some Jazz from the 1950's that Draws Asian and Western influences together.

Your Music Dave Brubeck tribute

119:38 minutes (109.54 MB)

A roughly chronological retrospective of Brubeck's career, including his political, choral works and collaborations with Paul Desmond, Gerry Mulligan, and Louis Armstrong

Your Music - 2012-12-17

119:04 minutes (109.01 MB)

Your Music 2012 artists we've lost

120:10 minutes (110.02 MB)

Music from artists who passed away in the second half of 2012 including Fontella Bass, Jayne Cortez, Dave Brubeck, Phyllis Diller, Robert Poulton, Patti Page, Pecker Dunne, Charles Durning, Jenny Rivera, and Ravi Shankar

Your Music - YM intervierw with Nicole Sherbern

69:49 minutes (127.86 MB)

interview with Columbus saxophonist Nicole Sherbern with music from Nicole's group, the Fabulouys Johnson Brothyers. Also Musorgski, Maceo Parker, John Coltrane, Rashan Roland Kirk, Manu Dibngo and Bilail Sunni Ali. The Fabulos Johnson Brothers web site is

Your Music - YM interview with Nicole Richele

119:53 minutes (109.77 MB)

Interview with Columbus Saxophonist Nicole Richele, featuring music from Nicole's current band, the Fabulous Johnson Brothers and other artists Nicole sites as inspirations including Maceo Parker, Rashan Roland Kirk, and Eddie Krivko

Your Music - 3/12/2013

25:58 minutes (23.77 MB)

Your Music - themeless ecclectic mix

119:36 minutes (109.5 MB)

This is just a collection of good music that fit together well. It includes Pura Fe, Zap Mama, Mulatu Astake, The Daktaris, Los Johnny Jets, Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, Horace Tapscott and more.

Your Music - Spring Jazz Mix

118:29 minutes (108.47 MB)

Your Music - Richie Havens tribute

118:45 minutes (108.72 MB)

Your Music Carlos Santana

119:37 minutes (109.52 MB)

never-published 1970 concert recording plus selections with Jorge Santana and John McLaughlin

Your Music Appalachian Ash

119:46 minutes (109.65 MB)

Live concert recordings of Bluegrass legends Bill Monroe, Maybell carter, and Doc Watson from 1960's performances at the Ash Grove

Your Music John Coltrane birthday tribute

119:40 minutes (109.56 MB)

Selections from early Coltrane, plus some newer reecordings fr5om Ravi Coltrane

Your Music SAtrata East Compilation

119:41 minutes (109.58 MB)

A compilation of tunes from various artists published by Strata East records in the 1970's. In the genre of "spiritual Jazz"

Your Music - Music from Venezuela

119:45 minutes (109.64 MB)

Your Music - Unusual Instruments

119:40 minutes (109.56 MB)

Your Music Obscurities and oddities

119:41 minutes (109.58 MB)

Your Music typically focuses on music the other stations in town won't typically play, not due to quality, but because it's not in keeping with the other stations' formats, or is too political, or not released in the U.S., or it's too old, or the tunes are too long, etc. That leave a huge range of possibilities without sacrificing anything in terms of quality, or artistic merit. This edition features REALLY off-the-beaten track selections of exceptional quality from many countries and at least 5 decades.

Your Music Fania All-Stars

119:43 minutes (109.61 MB)

The Fania Allstars were/are an assembly of Salsa musicians signed to the Fania Records label who toured the world in the 1970's through the 90's spreading the uniquely NewYorican music style to many cultures. We have old live-recorded performances as well as more recently recordings from their 30-year anniversary reunion concert. Hot rhythms, sweet harmonies, and blistering horn sections to warm your winter night.

Your Music Pete Seeger tribute

120:01 minutes (109.89 MB)

A look at the music and accomplishments of a true American treasure.

Your Music Music of Venezuela

119:45 minutes (109.64 MB)

Repeat of a broadcast from last year, in light of the current coup attempt in Venezuela which is being falsely portrayed as a "popular uprising" against the Venezuelan revolution.

Your Music tribute to Fred Ho

118:30 minutes (108.49 MB)

This is a repeat of an edition of Your Music from 2012 featuring the Jazz composer/Baritone sax player Fred Ho, who passed away in thee second week of April in 2014 after a long battle with cancer.

Your Music Shakori

116:13 minutes (106.41 MB)

This edition of Your Music features an assortment of musicians who appeared at this year's Shakori Hills Music Festival in North Carolina, and a preview iof a few of the musicians who will be at the 2014 Nelsonville Music Festival on the first weekend in June on the campus of the Hocking Technical College in Nelsonville.

Your Music Shakori Hills Music Festival

119:03 minutes (109 MB)

an assortment of music from artists who performed at this year's Spring Shakori Hills Music Festival in North Carolina, and a preview of a few of the artists w2ho will be at this year's Nelsonville Music Festival

Your Music Nelsonville Music Festival

116:56 minutes (107.07 MB)

This week's show features music from artists in this year's lineup at the Nelsonville Music Festival

Your Music Spring festival mix

119:11 minutes (109.11 MB)

An assortment of music from artists who performed at the Shakori Hills, LEAF, Delfest and Nelsonville music festivals in 2014

Your Music Esperanza Spalding and Gretchen Parlato

119:47 minutes (109.67 MB)

2 full 1-hour live-recorded performances. Esperanza Spalding in the first hour and Gretchen Parlato in the second

your music Charley Haden tribute

59:38 minutes (54.6 MB)

A limited retrospective of Jazz bassist Charley Haden's career

Your Music; Music of Palestine

8:07 minutes (7.44 MB)

To hear any Palestinian music on the radio, you probably have to drive up to Dearbourne, Michigan. We;; guess what? I've been to Dearbourne plenty of times and haven't heard Palestinian music broadcast there, either. Here is two fiull hours of music from, or about Palestine, including protest music, Dabke, hip-hop from "B.A.D., and Shadia Mansour, folk balads from Rim Bana and Reem Kelani, poems from Mahmoud Darwish and Suhair Hamad

Your Music; Music of Palestine (re-loaded)

119:32 minutes (109.43 MB)

Same program as the previous one, but un-compromised by the technical glitch that prevented last week's show from fully airing.

Your Music Anoushka Shankar

118:35 minutes (108.56 MB)

2 1-hour live performance recordings of Anoushka Shankar with friends in France, including violinist Joshua Bell

Your Music - Monday September 8th 2014

118:51 minutes (108.81 MB)

Your Music Joe Sample

1:59:22 minutes (109.28 MB)

Joe Sample passed away this month, so, in commemoration we bring you two full hours of his music. Although his later works kind of bordered on "smooth jazz", which I consider to be an abomination, he steered clear of that watered-down soulless drivel, copying only some of the sounds, and utilizing "cross-over" musicians like David Sanborn. Joe Sample was schooled in the "hard-bop" style of Jazz and he maintained a funky edge. So, while this may be considered kind of "light" and "slick", compared to the kinds of Jazz I usually favor on this program, it is still expressive and original, and undeniably skilled.

Your Music Two WARS

1:58:29 minutes (108.48 MB)

1st hour; live concert recording of the band, WAR, from the early days with Eric Burden. Hour 2, a live concert recording from 2014 featuring a band called The War on Drugs

live concert recordings of the Jazz fusion band Snarky Puppy, and a live-recorded performance by a jazz duo featuring Chris Cors

1:59:29 minutes (109.38 MB)

Jim Maneri sent a Youtube clip of Snarky Puppy featuring a phenomenal keyboard solo by Corey Henry, so I found that and more of their music to share this week, plus a jazz duo featuring Chrias Corsano on drums and Mette Rasmussen on sax

Youir Music Santana y mas en Mexico

1:58:46 minutes (108.74 MB)

Live-recorded concert performance byu Carlos Santana ) "Sacred fire" tour) in Mexico, plus some political songs from Mexican and Mexican-American musicians.

Your Music Fatoumata Diawara

1:59:27 minutes (109.35 MB)

Born in Cote D'Ivoire of Malian parents and developed her musical talents in France; Fatoumata Diawara serves up a lively and inspired performance of West African contemporary music.

Your Music Ron Carter Quintet and poet, Kamau Daood

1:59:43 minutes (109.6 MB)

Full live-recorded concert by bassist Ron Carter and his quintet from the 2009 San Javier Jazz Festival, and a more recent poetry recitation by Kamao Daood with jazz accompaniment

Your Music Songs of Struggle and Protest

1:59:22 minutes (109.29 MB)

Songs from the civil rights struggles of the 1960's and 70's and 2010's from the U.S., Mexico, and Palestine (mostly the U.S.) plus a few short speeches, in recognition of the Black Lives Matter protests, Palestinian self-determination, and the fight for justice and democracy in Mexico. Some of this music you will be familiar with, and some of it may be new to you.

Your Music Turquaz

1:59:03 minutes (109 MB)

2 full hours of the New York based funk=blues band Turquaz

Your Music Ray Barretto

1:59:17 minutes (109.2 MB)

A tribute to Salsa Congalero Ray Barretto

Your Music California Coastal music

1:59:36 minutes (109.49 MB)

1st hour; Native American music and stories from coastal California. Second hour California native jazz.

Your Music Joe Pass, Ella Fitzgerald, and John Scofield

1:59:33 minutes (109.45 MB)

1st hour; Joe Pass with Ella Fitzgerald, live recorded concert from 1975. Second hour; John Scofield Trio recorded live at the Bluenote in 2006

Your Music Kent State, Banda, and Jingo Ba

1:59:20 minutes (109.25 MB)

1st 40 minutes; protest songs from the Viet Nam era
then; live-recorded Banda music from Mexico
2nd hour; various artists on the theme of the African traditional rhythm, Jingo Ba

Your Music McCoury x 3

1:59:22 minutes (109.28 MB)

2 live-recorded sets featuring 3 generations of the McCoury family. In the first hour we hear Del McCoury and his band which includes his sons, Ronnie (Mandoline) and Rob ( Banjo) in their set opening the 8th annual Delfest. The second hour is a set from the same festival by a group called the Broomestix, which includes Ronnie McCoury's son, Evan on guitar.

Your Music The Black is Greener on the Other Side

1:58:08 minutes (108.16 MB)

As the South Carolina legislature debates removing the confederate flag, this week's show takes a musical look at the ugliness of racism through the music of racists, and a diverse African American response (don't worry; only the first three songs are racist).

your music the other southern heritage

1:58:53 minutes (108.84 MB)

folks defending the confederate flag often claim it's a symbol of 'southern heritage". I don't buy that for a hot second. Do you? No one ever asks them what they mean by that, but they volunteer things occasionally - stuff about "states rights" and the imposition of government over-reach. They'll claim that it's "not about slavery and hate". They might as well claim that slavery itself wasn't about bondage or involuntary labor. Their revising of history has a subtler side, however when even more enlightened reflections on Southern culture overlook the experiences of people of color and, in particular, women of color. This edition of Your Music features all female artists from the South who had or have tremendous influence, most of whom were or are not white - a forgotten aspect of "Southern heritage", and one truly worth celebrating. You'll hear Josephine Baker, Big Mama Thornton, Sister Rosetta Tharp, Mahalia Jackson Pura Fe, Memphis Minnie, Hazel Dickens, Bobbi Humphrey, Odetta and more.

people who defend the confederate emblems often claim it's about

Your Music Brandi Carlile and Grace Potter

1:59:26 minutes (109.34 MB)

2 live-recorded concerts. One from Brandi Carlile, and one from Grace Potter and the Noctournals, both of who were headliners at the 2015 Floydfest music festival.

Your Music - YM191-192 Iran

1:59:56 minutes (109.81 MB)

Your Music Music from Zimbabwe

1:58:39 minutes (108.63 MB)

2 hours of traditional music from Zimbabwe. In the first hour we feature the Mbira ( pictured here), and in the second hour we have music from the Ndebele people.

Your Music Prince remembered

2:00:00 minutes (109.86 MB)

The artist most often known as "Prince" ( actually his given name) died unexpectedly in April, leaving a decades-long legacy of pioneering funk-soul-rock music that had profound influence on many musicians, and a quieter legacy of progressive political activism that was increasing when hew died. We have audio from a 1988 documentary about Prince, and a live-recorded concert from 1982

\YM Rediscovered Treasures

2:00:36 minutes (110.42 MB)

A collection of rare and semi-rare gems from my own electronic archive of albums - many that you've likely never heard of before.

YM Spring Renewal Jazz

2:00:01 minutes (109.88 MB)

Think of the first open-air lawn concerts of the year, where Spring flowers scent the air, the trees are just beginning to leaf-out, and folks have a sense of hope and excitement. I've chosen a mix of jazz that befits the season and the spirit or renewal.

Your Music Ana Vidovic and the Assad brothers

2:00:00 minutes (109.86 MB)

2 hours of amzing classical guitar in this edition. In the first hour we feature Ana Vidovic, and, in the second, it's the Brazilian duo, the Assad brothers

Your Music Yusef Lateef tribute II

1:59:59 minutes (109.84 MB)

Prompted by one of those years-late laments on Facebook eulogizing the artist as though he had just died this week, I chose to create a SECOND tribute to Yusef Lateef, following my first tribute to him from 2013.

Your Music Delfest Part 2

2:00:37 minutes (110.42 MB)

Travelin McCourys and Yonde4r Mountain String Band - 2 full hours of live recorded material.

Your Music Raiulroad Earth

1:59:58 minutes (109.83 MB)

Live-recorded concert from January of 2016, at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta

Your Music Fairport Convention

2:00:00 minutes (109.86 MB)

a 2-hour Fairport Convention retrospective, including excerpts from a 2012 BBC documentary ands a live recorded concert at New York City's Bottom Line

YM Cuban Music

1:59:58 minutes (109.84 MB)

2 great Cuban musicians, Eliades Ochoa and Compay Segundo, each in concert in Havana. This show is meant as a soft tribute to the late Fidel Castro.

Your Music Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

1:59:53 minutes (81.11 MB)

2 full hours of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings via 3 live-recorded performances

Your Music 2018 1

2:00:00 minutes (85.6 MB)

Mix of funky jazz, Bossa Nova, and Latin Jazz-rock

Your Music 2018 2

13:40 minutes (9.93 MB)

More funky, international jazz

Your Music 2018 3 Hugh Masekela

1:59:59 minutes (81.5 MB)

Live concert recordings of Hugh Masekela, including one with Miriam Makeba

Youir Music 2018 4 Anoushka and Ravi Shankar

1:57:44 minutes (74.7 MB)

Live recorded concert with Anoushka Shankar and several older tracks from Ravi Shankar

Your Music 2018 5 India Arie

1:59:58 minutes (81.3 MB)

Live-recorded concert featuring India Arie

Your Music 2018 6 John Coltrane in Copenhagen

1:59:58 minutes (80.82 MB)

Live-recorded concert from 1961 featuring John Coltrane, with Eric Dolphy

Your Music 2018 7 Jake Shimabukuro

1:59:57 minutes (164.72 MB)

Several live-recorded performances by Ukelele master Jake Shimabukuro and one from Taimaine Gardener

Your Music 2018 8 Snarky Puppy

1:59:59 minutes (164.77 MB)

Full live-recorded concert with the Jazz-funk fusion group Snarky Puppy

Your Music 2018 9 Jazz and Banda

1:59:55 minutes (164.69 MB)

Mostly jazz, including a tribute to Lee Morgan from Terrell Stafford, plus live-recorded Banda music from Mexico at the end of the 2nd hour

Your Music 2018 10 Marimba!

1:59:53 minutes (164.64 MB)

Marimba music in different styles from around the world

YM 2018 12 Kamasi Washington ans Samantha Fish

1:59:55 minutes (164.68 MB)

2 songs by Samantha Fish ( a preview of a coming feature) and a full-length live-recorded performance by Jazz artist Kamasi Washington.

Your Music 2018 14 Snarky Puppy at Leaf

1:59:58 minutes (164.76 MB)

Full live recorded set of Snarky Puppy performing at the L.E.A.F. festival, May 12 in Black Mountain, North Carolina, and a few tunes from another LEAF performer, Rising Appalachia

Your Music Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

1:59:59 minutes (164.77 MB)

Early live recordings of Zappa with The Mothers, Zappa with Pink Floyd, and the GRANDmothers of Invention ( post-Zappa Mothers reunion tour)

Your Music 2018 16 Cory Henry and trhe Funk Apostles

2:00:00 minutes (164.78 MB)

Keyboardist Cory Henry, who now plays with the jazz fusion band, Snarky Puppy performing here with his own band, the Funk Apostles

Your Music 2018 19 Rising Appalachia

1:59:59 minutes (164.78 MB)

More sound-board recordings from Del Fest 2018. This edition features a full set on the main stage by Rising Appalachia, and songs from Sierra Hull, Birds of Chicago, and Ben Soulee

YM 2018 17 Bluegrass Congress

1:59:58 minutes (164.76 MB)

Del McCoury's Bluegrass Congress recorded live at Delfest 2018

YM 2018 18 Twisted Pine and Billy Strings

1:59:58 minutes (164.76 MB)

More sound-board recordings from Delfest 2018, featuring a whole set from Twisted Pine, and part of a set from Billy Strings

Your Music Afro Harping and African Harp

1:59:55 minutes (164.68 MB)

1st hour , Jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby
2nd hour Kora griot Sona Jabarteh and her band

Your Music 2018 27 Fatoumara Diawara and Manu D'Bango

1:59:54 minutes (164.65 MB)

Live-recorded concert with Malian musician Fatoumara Diawara, and 3 tracks from Camerounian artist Manu D'Bango

Your Music 2018 Mercedes Sosa and Gilberto Gil

1:59:59 minutes (72.19 MB)

Live concert recordings from legendary Latin American folk singers Mercedes Sosa and Gilberto Gil

Your Music 2018 Muna Zul and Music of Laurel Canyon

2:00:00 minutes (164.79 MB)

Mexican a capella trio Muna Zul and a special ensemble performance by artists at the 2018 Delfest featuring music by composers who lived in Los Angeles' famed Laurel Canyon

Your Music 2018 Rashan Roland Kirk

1:59:58 minutes (164.75 MB)

A retrospective of Columbus-based Jazz innovator Rashan Roland Kirk, who was reknown for playing 3 saxophones at once, as well as for his excellent music

YM 2018 Buddy Rich and Diana Krall

1:59:58 minutes (164.74 MB)

Music from jazz percussionist Buddy Rich, and jazz vocalist Diana Krall

Your Music 2018 Brazilian Guitar

1:59:53 minutes (74.56 MB)

Music from various Brazilian classical and Jazz guitarists

Your Music 2018 Sweet Honey In The Rock

1:00:39 minutes (41.19 MB)

Multi-generational social justice-oriented women's a capella group Sweet Honey In The Rock

Your Music 2018 Zakir Hussein and Rakesh Chaurasia

1:03:17 minutes (86.91 MB)

Master Tabla artist Zakir Hussein teams up with Northern Indian classical flautist Rakesh Chaurasia

Your Music 2018 Fareed Haque

1:59:59 minutes (80.07 MB)

Featuring Jazz and classical guitarist Fareed Haque

Your Music 2018 Pink Floyd at the Hollywood Bowl

1:59:58 minutes (164.75 MB)

196? live-recorded ( sound board) Pink Floyd performing at the Hollywood Bowl

Your Music 2018 Roy Clark

1:59:56 minutes (164.7 MB)

Retrospective on the late great Roy Clark

YM 2018 Women in Rock in the 1960's

2:00:00 minutes (164.8 MB)

A look at women's contributions to Rock in the 1960's world wide, including well-known and lesser-known artists , both all-female bands, and women-fronted or led bands, with acknowledgement to the mother of Rock, Sister Rosetta Tharp

Your Music 2018 Gamelon, featuring Nori Bucci

1:59:59 minutes (164.78 MB)

Gamelon was a jazz-fusion band from ther Buffalo, New York area that performed and toured, locally for more than a decade until 2012. They featured a succession of excellent lead guitarists, including Nori Bucci, who also wrote much of their material.

Your Music 2018 Afro-rock, funk, and Pop retrospective

1:59:59 minutes (164.79 MB)

A survey of Black funk-rock artists from several decades and several countries (and not just the men).

Your Music Mohini Dey

1:59:56 minutes (164.69 MB)

2 hours of jazz fusion featuring Indian bass virtuoso, Mohini Dey

Your Music Oliver Mtukuzi

1:59:58 minutes (164.76 MB)

Concert recordings of the late Zimbabwean musician and activist Oliver Mtukuzi

Your Music Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee

2:00:00 minutes (164.78 MB)

concert and television performances by legendary Blues duo Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee

YM Stella Chiweshe and Sona Jobarteh

2:00:00 minutes (164.79 MB)

1st hour; Stella Chiweshe, Zimbabwean Mbira artist
2nd hour; Sona Jobarteh , Gambian Kora artist

Your Music Gil Scot Heron

2:00:00 minutes (164.79 MB)

live and studio recordings of jazz-poet/ "Bluesologist" Gil Scot Heron

YM 2019.9 June Millington

1:59:55 minutes (79.56 MB)

Feminist folk-rocker June Millington with her sister, Jean Millington and their 1970's group, Fanny, and more recent solo studio recordings of June

YM 2019.10 Zakir Hussain jazz collaborations

1:59:59 minutes (164.77 MB)

Indian tabla master Zakir Hussain collaborates with several veteran jazz musicians

Your Music Angelo DeBarre

1:59:59 minutes (81.07 MB)

Simply some of the finest "Gypsy Jazz" you will ever hear, from Romanian guitarist Angelo DeBarre

Your Music 250319 Amber Evans tribute

1:59:59 minutes (79.58 MB)

Local social justice activist Amber Evans disappeared in January, and was found recently in the scioto river, an apparent case of suicide - though some harbor lingering doubts about the circumstances of her death. This program is a musical tribute to Amber, featuring songs of struggle and loss, and also of beauty and power.

Your Music Zakir and Friends

1:59:59 minutes (85.8 MB)

Great N orthern Indian classical music from Zakir Hussain, Komar Bose, Anoushka Shankar and more.

Your Music 2019 interview with Zakir Hussain

1:59:59 minutes (86.83 MB)

Renowned Tabla master and world music ambassador Zakir Hussain granted me an interview in advance of his April 17 appearance in Columbus at the Southern Theater. This program features the over 30 minutes of the interview with selections of Zakir's music from various points in his long career.

Your Music Pete Seeger at 100

2:00:00 minutes (80.84 MB)

Tribute to Pete Seeger on what would have been his 100th birthday. Hour 1, a tribute program by independent radio producer/folk musician and Seeger family friend, Larry Long. Hour 2, audio from an edition of Pete Seeger's television program Rainbow Quest featuring a solo performance by Pete.

Your Music Wes Montgomery

2:00:00 minutes (99.82 MB)

2-hour live-recorded concert from 1965 with Jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery

Your Music 062519 Marcus King at Delfest

1:59:53 minutes (80.28 MB)

Blues-rocker Marcus King at Delfest 2019

Your Music 070219 The Broomstix and Yonder Mountain String Band at Delfest

1:59:55 minutes (83.71 MB)

Your Music 080619 Silvia Perez Cruz

1:59:57 minutes (75.83 MB)

Spanish singer Silvia Perez Cruz, sings in 6 languages. 2 live-recorded performances.

Your Music 100119 Randy Weston

1:59:59 minutes (77.14 MB)

Remembering Jazz giant Randy Weston, who passed away at 92 in September.
1st hour; a documentary featuring an interview with Weston interspersed with clips from a concert with Weston on piano and Billy Harper on Sax.
2nd hour ; Randy Weston in concert with Max Roach

Your Music 102719 Rakesh Chaurusia

1:59:58 minutes (83.37 MB)

Two live-recorded concerts of Indian classical music featuring flutist Rakesh Chaurusia

Your Music 121019 The Color of Bluegrass

1:59:58 minutes (83.3 MB)

A survey of Bluegrass and Apalachian artists with a focus on musicians of color and women, featuring the Ebony Hillbillies (New York), No Strings Attached (India), Che Apalache (Argentina), Kaia, Reel World String Band (Kentucky), Justin Robinson (co-founder of the Carolina Chocolate Drops), Kaia Kater (Canada), Pura Fe (North Carolina), Hazel Dickens (West Virginia) Amythyst Kiah (Tennessee) and Rhiannon Giddens,

Your Music 120319 Pat Metheney and Charged Particles with Paul McCandles

1:59:59 minutes (82.05 MB)

Hour 1; a full concert with jazz fusion guitarist Pat Metheney
Hour 2 selections by the Charged Particles ( jazz fusion trio) , some with Paul McCandless

Your Music 010720 Music of Iran

2:00:00 minutes (81.4 MB)

A survey of music from Iran, ranging from classical to hip-hop, and featuring many female artists

YOur Music 011420 "Hit Like A Girl" (female percussionists)

1:59:56 minutes (83.84 MB)

A survey of contemporary female percussionists in many genres from around the world, including Tabla, Taiko, Djembe, Rock & Roll trap set, Timbales, Clay Pots and more

Your Music 012020 Percussion Forward Music

1:59:59 minutes (85.63 MB)

Music from several continents in several genres featuring heavy reliance on drums and percussion, in honor of Niel Pert.

Your Music 030120 Mellow Obscure International Jazz

2:00:00 minutes (85.62 MB)

Obscure selections ranging from an Indian Raga to weird German psychadleic cult and some straight-up American jazz.

YM 033120 Manu DiBango

1:59:56 minutes (81.89 MB)

The great Cameroonian funk-jazz pioneer has died from COVID 19, ( the Corona virus). We feature his music in this show.

Your Music 031720 McCoy Tyner

1:59:53 minutes (78.77 MB)

McCoy Tyner left us in March of this year. He was one of the giants of Jazz who influenced many artists over the last 5 decades. We honor his life and work with a full 2 hours of live-recorded performances by McCoy Tyner and his trio.

Your Music 040720 Ellis Marsalis

2:00:00 minutes (82.66 MB)

Jazz pianist and musicologist Ellis Marsalis has joined the list of artists killed by the Covid 19 corona virus. In today's show we feature his music and also one performance by his son, Wynton Marsalis of a tune written by his father.

Your Music 041420 John Prine

1:59:53 minutes (84.95 MB)

whole show of John Prine's music. John Prine was claimed this month by the Covid 19 Corona virus.

Your Music 062320 Brother Ah

1:59:59 minutes (81.05 MB)

2 hrs of avant guard jazz from pioneer Brother Ah

YM 050520 Bill Withers and Tony Allen

2:00:00 minutes (88.19 MB)

American soul singer Bill Withers passed away in May, not due to the Covid 19 virus, and Nigerian drummer Tony Allen, who was part of Fela Kuti's Africa 70 band died from the virus. Bill Withers in the first hour / Tony Allen in the second.

Your Music 070720 Tony Monaco

1:59:53 minutes (84.5 MB)

Columbus-based Jazz keyboardist Tony Monaco in a live-streamed home studio concert ( 2 sessions) as part of the 2020 "virtual" community festival.

YM 090120 Woodyfest

1:59:49 minutes (164.55 MB)

Highlights from the 2020 (virtual) Woodyfest, a celebration of the songs of Woody Guthrie, featuring members of the Gutrhrie family and friends

YM 100520 Oregon and Windham

2:00:00 minutes (164.79 MB)

Mellow ambient contemplative jazz fusion to rest your mind to - but, then get back to work!

YM 092920 Klezmer Klatch

56:23 minutes (77.43 MB)

Some upbeat Klezmer music offered bot as an uplift, and as a way of poking fun at the current political circus

YM 101320 Viva Puerto Rico!

2:00:00 minutes (164.79 MB)

Music from Puerto Rico - but not just Salsa and the Fania Allstars; folk, classical, Jazz, indigenous, both historical and contemporary

YM 112420 Thanksgiving edition

2:00:00 minutes (81.42 MB)

A critical and partially affirming perspective on Thanksgiving featuring music from Native American artists from across the continent - mostly female artists speaking to Native American traditions, and enduring pains as well as deep reflections on beauty and community.
Featuring Pura Fe, Martha Redbone, Sharon Burch, Radmilla Cody, Raye Zaragosa, Jana Mashonee, Ulali, Walela, and more, plus an essay from my dad, Christian Davis on Freeing the Turkeys

YM 122820 Musicians united to turn Georgia Blue

2:00:00 minutes (80.8 MB)

audio from 2 virtual concerts, one featuring national musicians including Rehiannoin Giddens, Bonnie Raitt, Maria Maldhaur, Rising Appalachia, and others, and another featuring Georgia musicians, both to raise money for the Democratic senate candidates in Georgia's two special run-off elections.

YM 120820 An Evening With The Duke

1:59:56 minutes (81.83 MB)

Accidentally uploaded to the wrong archive originally
Two full hours of live-recorded performances by Jazz great Duke Ellington, from two periods of his long and varied career.

YM 121520 Ginger Baker, Charlie Hayden and Bill Frisel, plus an hour of Jorge Santana

1:59:50 minutes (81.53 MB)

1st hour, a trio concert featuring reknowned drummer Ginger Baker, Bassist Charlie Hayden, and Jazz guitarist Bill Frisel.
2nd hour Jorge Santana

Baker and Santana passed away in 2020, and we showcase their talents in this edition.

Your Music 210105 Tony Rice

1:59:55 minutes (84.37 MB)

Legendary bluegrass and Jazz guitarist Tony Rice passed away unexpectedly at the end of the year. He had been suffering from a chronic inflammation condition that prevented him from playing for the last couple of years, but no one would have predicted his untimely demise. He was truly one of the great guitarists in his ( or any) genre - a veritable Julian Bream of bluegrass. In this program we hear twlo full-length live-recorded concerts from tow points in Rice's career.

Your Music 210303 Gene Taylor

1:59:59 minutes (54.92 MB)

Boogie woogie pianist Gene Taylor, who performed with Canned Heat and the Fabulous Thunderbirds froze to death in his bed during the recent Texas Private Utilities Fiasco, brought about, in part, by an unprecedented cold snap, brought about, in part by Texas utilities.
We hear from Canned Heat, and various other collaborations featuring Gene Taylor during various parts of his career.

YM 210316 Bunny Wailer

1:59:59 minutes (54.93 MB)

Remembering Reggae pioneer, Bunny Wailer, on e of the original Wailers along with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. He died this month. We feature selected recordings from throughout his career, both pre-Wailers, and post Wailers.

YM 210209 Anne Feeney tribute

1:59:58 minutes (88.42 MB)

Political folk singer Anne Feeney passed away in February after a long battle with cancer, but she kept up her folk-singing/ worker solidarity activism right to the end , in the tradition of Joseph Hilstrom ( "Joe Hill"), Woody Guthrie, Hazel Dickens, Pete Seeger, Victor Jara, and others. In this show we feature Anne Feeney's music from various points in her career.

YM 210202 Jaco and Jon

2:00:00 minutes (81.15 MB)

An hour of music from reknowned bassist Jaco Pastorius, and an hour of piano-jazz from New York artist Jon Davis

YM 210413 Music of Kenya

1:59:27 minutes (54.68 MB)

In recognition of Mail Carrier Matt's recent marriage in Kenya, we feature music from Kenya, including multiple genres old and new.

YM Man of 1000 Fingers

1:59:58 minutes (75.47 MB)

"Candido" (Candido Camero), nicknamed "Man of 1000 fingers" was one of the pioneer percussionists who introduced Afro-Cuban rhythms to the US using more than one Conga drum

YM Ellis Marsalis

31:13 minutes (21.5 MB)

Jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis , father of Wynton and Bradford Marsalis, succumbed to Covid 19. This is a tribute to his musical legacy

YM 210330 Afrobeat World Wide part 2

2:00:02 minutes (54.95 MB)

More Afrobeat from bands around the world that are not Fela Kuti

YM 210517 Music of Palestine

1:59:56 minutes (54.9 MB)

In light of the latest Israeli aggressions toward the remaining fragments of Palestine, this is a 2 hour tribute to the artistry and resilience of the Palestinian people through their music and poetry. Featuring poet Mahmoud Darwish, folk singer Rim Bana, the Joubran Trio, Reem Kelani, DAM, Hala Alyan, Shadia Mansour, Farah Chamma, Shabjdeed, LowKey, Faraj Suleiman and more. Hip Hop, classical, folk, instrumental, poetry, etc. ALL of which you won't hear on any other stations in Columbus except this one and WGRN, 94.1 fm

YM 210413 Music of Kenya

1:59:27 minutes (54.68 MB)

A survey of popular music from Kenya in numerous genres, with an appreciative nod to our postal carrier, Matt, who just returned from a month-long trip to Kenya where he got married

YM 210701 I-Tal ( tribute to Dave Smeltz)

1:59:59 minutes (54.92 MB)

Dave Smeltz was a pillar of the Reggae genre stateside, having co-founded the pioneering Cleveland reggae band I-Tal. He passed away from Covid last week. This show features 2 hours of recordings of I-Tal, and one of Dave performing a Bob Marley classic with a choir.

Your Music 210615 The Slip

1:59:58 minutes (54.92 MB)

Boston-based band The Slip ( avant gard rock/Jazz fusion)

Your Music 210810 Neighbor (the band)

1:59:54 minutes (54.89 MB)

Boston-based jam band "Neighbor"

Your Music 210914 Classical guitar and Oud ( female artists)

1:59:55 minutes (54.89 MB)

Several female classical guitar virtuosi

Your Music 210504 Peruvian Jazz

1:59:23 minutes (54.65 MB)

Jazz from Peru and Peruvian musicians abroad.

Your Music 211123 Caldera

1:58:52 minutes (54.41 MB)

Caldera; an early flamenco-fusion band featuring Gorge Strunz prior to his collaborations with Farah

YM 211130 Chick Corea and John Scofield

1:01:00 minutes (27.92 MB)

Two live-recorded concerts; one featuring Jazz fusion guitarist John Scofield, and the other with the late Chick Corea

Your Music 2110.05 Other Strings

1:59:59 minutes (54.93 MB)

Master stringed instrument artists including Kora, 20 string guitar, Flamenco, Mandolin, and Balalaika

YM 211227 Michael Nesmith

1:59:57 minutes (54.91 MB)

Best known as one of the members of the made-for-tv fictional band, "The Monkees", Michael Nesmith was a fine and talented musician and humorist before the TV show and after. He was one of only two members of The Monkees that were established musicians, and, after a time, he an fellow band member Peter Tork rebelled against the TV network to demand creative independence for the band. The self-re-invented Monkees, whose earlier recordings were all performed by studio musicians, released two additional albums featuring their authentic voices and briefly toured. Nesmith and Tork each had independent careers afterward, but Nesmith was a prolific composer and released several albums on his own, of music that far exceeded anything produced by/for The Monkees in its soulfulness and imagination. In today's show we hear two live-recorded performances of Michael Nesmith in his post-Monkees hayday.

Your Music 211221 Lindsay Cooper

1:59:59 minutes (54.93 MB)

Jazz bassoonist Lindsay Cooper in both live and studio-recorded performances.

YM 211230 Joni Mitchell

1:59:59 minutes (54.93 MB)

2 hours of Joni Mitchell, from the early and mid=-part of her musical career

Your Music 220201 Amythyst Kiah

1:59:52 minutes (54.87 MB)

New and ascending musician Amythyst Kiah is featured in this program. She hales from Tennessee and has collaborated with Rhiannon Giddens and also with former Carolina Chocolate Drops founder Dom Flemmons. Powerful, soulful, bluesy afro-centric, often political contemporary original songs, and some good guitar work, also.

Your Music 20220308 Wes Montgomery

A tribute to Jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery

1:59:15 minutes (54.59 MB)

YM 20220322 Pete and Tao Seeger in India

1:59:52 minutes (54.87 MB)

Pete Seeger in concert with grandson Tao Rodriguez Seeger in India

YM 202215 Nucleus, Chick Corea, and Noshir Modi

2:00:00 minutes (54.93 MB)

Jazz Fusion from Nucleus, Chick Corea and Noshir Modhi ( 3 segments)

YM 22010301 Maleem Mahmoud Gania

1:59:38 minutes (54.76 MB)

Tribute to Morocca Guembri master Maleen Mahmoud Gania.
The Guembri is a guitar-like melodicv stringed instrument.

YM 20220419 Omar Sosa and Sekou Keita

1:59:55 minutes (54.9 MB)

Cuban pianist Omar Sosa and Ghanian Kora player Sekou Keita are joined by Venezuelan percussionist Gustavo Ovalles. The trio has been touring and recording for a few years, combining the sweet raga-like atmospheric tones of the African harp called the Kora with Rumba and Salsa-infused Cuban jazz themes to create a mix of contemplative, etherial jazz and lively, upbeat tunes.

YM 20220609 Delfest Musicians

1:59:52 minutes (54.87 MB)

Several of the main stage acts from Delfest 2022 recorded in the skybox of the grandstand overlooking the main stage by Paste Studio.
Del McCoury and the Del McCoury band, Railroad Earth, Jerry Douglas, Sierra Hull, Molly Tuttle and Bela Fleck,

YM 20220403 Cafe Tacvba

2:00:00 minutes (54.94 MB)

Mexican folk-rock-fusion supergroup, Cafe Tacvba in 2 live-recorded concerts.

YM 20220620 Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, and Jerry Douglas

1:59:56 minutes (54.9 MB)

From Bela Fleck's My Bluegrass Heart Tour

Your Music 20220208 Leyla McCalla

1:59:57 minutes (54.91 MB)

Contemporary folk/jazz musician Leyla McCalla, who has collaborated with Rhiannon Giddens. featured here with her own solo recordings.

YM 20220719 Ally Venable

1:59:59 minutes (54.92 MB)

Blues-rock guitarist Ally Venable recent concert recordings.

YM 20220517 Kala Ramanath and friends

1:59:57 minutes (54.91 MB)

Indian violinist Kala Ramanath with various other musicians

YM 20220816 Nichelle Nichols and La Taruba

1:59:03 minutes (54.49 MB)

Actor/ singer of Star Trek fame, Nichelle Nichols ( Lt Uhura) interviews and recordings from her albums and the TV series.
2nd hour; Peruvian circus music from La Taruba

YM 20220823 Fairport Convention Today

2:00:01 minutes (54.94 MB)

Concert recording of the current iteration of the Celtic Rock/folk band Fairport Convention

YM 20220920 Ramsey Lewis

Jazz Pianist Ramsey Lewis who sought to create jazz with full creative integrity, yet which was accessible to the broadest possible audience, passed away recently. His music from several eras is featured here.

1:59:46 minutes (54.82 MB)

YM 20220239 (repeat) Pharoah Sanders

1:59:49 minutes (54.85 MB)

Jazz great Pharoah Sanders in concert in France in 1971 - re-playing this show as a tribute. Saunders passed away recently at the age of 82

YM 20220726b Avasai Cohen, Nala Sinephro, and Jamiriquai

1:59:33 minutes (54.73 MB)

Ambient jazz from Avashai Cohen, spiritual jazz from Nala Sinephro, and funk from Jamiriquai

YM 20221201 Kiddus I and Rockers

1:59:59 minutes (54.92 MB)

Jamaican reggae great, Kiddus I and other musician/cast members from thge reggae music film Rockers reunite to perform the film's sound track and more

YM 20220712 Billy Strings and Doc Watson

An hour each with string virtuosos of different generations. Billy Strings and Doc Watson

1:59:53 minutes (54.88 MB)

YM 20230221 Hank Mobley

1:59:55 minutes (54.9 MB)

2 hours of Saxophone great, Hank Mobley

Your Music 20230522 David Rovics and Dominic Lewis

1:59:49 minutes (54.85 MB)

David Rovics is a radical folk musician who, like Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger, Barbara Dane, Emmas Revolution, etc. writes songs mostly about social justice struggles and celebrations, both contemporary and historic. Amy Goodman, host, creator and producer of Democracy Now once called Rovics "The musical version of Democracy Now". He recently recorded an outdoor performance with several friends on the West Coast.
Dominic Lewis is a composer who recently created all of the music that served as the sound track for the Netflix original series Kaleidoscope, featured in the second hour.

Your Music 20230605 Del McCoury Band at Delfest

2:00:00 minutes (54.93 MB)

Live stage recording of the Del McCoury band at Delfest plus an interview with Del from RFD TV

Your Music 20230619 Cris Jacobs and Pidgeons Playing Ping Pong

1:52:35 minutes (51.54 MB)

Two of the performers who played at Delfest 2023 on Memorial day weekend

Your Music 20230712 Shakti

1:57:56 minutes (53.99 MB)

The 1970's East West fusion pioneer group, Shakti is reuniting for their 50 year anniversary tour. In this edition we'll hear an original Shakti concert from the 1970's and another from their 10-yewar reunion tour.