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WCRS-LP FM is a non-commercial, listener-supported community radio station serving Central Ohioans, providing quality programming to:
•Promote personal and civic responsibility, informed action and thoughtful living;
•Challenge cultural and intellectual assumptions;
•Celebrate local cultures;
•Air alternative points of view and facilitate understanding through dialogue;
•To provide media training and to foster community empowerment and participation.
•To provide representation for under-served and under-represented constituencies
and viewpoints, and to provide news and information not commonly found elsewhere
on the airwaves.

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Sweets and Spooks: Local Bakeries, Haunted Houses, and Halloween

24:44 minutes (33.97 MB)

Youth Beat goes on the hunt to get student perspectives of the highly anticipated movie: Where the Wild Things Are. This week's Trend Watch will explore Halloween trends. Also on the show a student talks with someone from the Goodie Shop, a local bakery well known and loved in the community.

Warl - youthbeat10.19.09

24:44 minutes (33.97 MB)

The Beat Oracle - 10/15/2009 (radio edit)

115:46 minutes (122.97 MB)

Pamoja FM October 14th 2009

58:01 minutes (53.12 MB)

ft. Equitorial Guinea's Conche Buika

Sharkweek! - 10.14.09 Chris Spinato

52:07 minutes (47.71 MB)

[audio-tag-artist-raw] - [audio-tag-title-raw]

55:31 minutes (50.84 MB)

Simply Living Calendar - October 12-18 2009

1:14 minutes (2.26 MB)

The Beat Oracle - 10/08/2009

115:36 minutes (116.07 MB)

Simply Living Calendar - October 5-11 2009

2:15 minutes (4.13 MB)

The Beat Oracle - 10/01/2009 (radio edit)

114:12 minutes (116.36 MB)
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