WCRS Podcast - Bus Bass Show

Bus Bass Show Vol 117

58:30 minutes (66.95 MB)

On the flip tagteam jungle drum n bass wize mashup from Dj's Scooter and Hawstyle. Get the full 2 hour set over at Scooter's soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/dj_scooter

Bus Bass Show Vol 116

57:08 minutes (65.4 MB)

Hawstyle droppin a freshy breaks mix for the crew.

Bus Bass Show Vol 115

Another Jungle dnb mix from Hawstyle.

58:15 minutes (66.66 MB)

Bus Bass Show Vol 114

Bus Bass Show back in effect, now broadcast every Thursday at !0:00 On 92.7 FM. Dj Hawstyle with another yooooouuu guessed it...JungleD&B mix :) Big Ups out to the homie Mister Shifter for 3 exclusive tunes in the mix, all of them pure fire!!!long side a bunch of new tunes.

58:00 minutes (66.38 MB)

Bus Bass Show Vol 113

Hawstyle with another jungle drum n bass rinse.

58:00 minutes (66.39 MB)

Bus Bass Show Vol 112

58:41 minutes (67.16 MB)

Dj Hawstyle back at it with another edition of the Bus Bass Show. Gettin back in it with a mix full of Drum & Bass :) Enjoy.

Bus Bass Show Vol 111

59:30 minutes (81.72 MB)

Single Action Steppin up with a guest mix full of D&B on this edition of the show, Watch out!

Bus Bass Show Vol 110

59:00 minutes (67.53 MB)

Hawstyle back at it with another jungle rinse.

Bus Bass Show Vol 109

58:40 minutes (67.13 MB)

Back in action with a selection of Breaks, Garage, and Electro. Mixed by Dj Hawstyle (on a pair of Gemeni CDJ-300's, one with a broken display screen) LOL!!! Blockin out the Haters:)

Bus Bass Show Vol 108

58:52 minutes (67.37 MB)

Dj's Scooter and Hawstyle jungle/dnb 2 hour tagset, trimmed down to an hour for the radio broadcast. The full 2hours will be on Scooters soundclod soon.

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