WCRS Podcast - Bus Bass Show

Bus Bass Show Vol 137

58:31 minutes (66.96 MB)

another PHOS Breakz mixtape :)

Bus Bass Show Vol 136

58:54 minutes (67.42 MB)

Phos Breakz takes over the bus bass show with another breaks mixtape full of breakbeat heat.

Bus Bass Show VOL 135

59:28 minutes (68.06 MB)

Hawstyle serves up anotherjungle dnb rinse out.

Bus Bass Show Vol 134

58:48 minutes (67.3 MB)

To promote for Ricky Force's two upcoming shows this weekend in Akron 11/23 and Columbus11/24, Hawstyle did a full hour Ricky Force mix. No voice overs, just pure deep jungle vibes. Enjoy :)

Bus Bass Show Vol. 133

59:24 minutes (67.98 MB)

Happy Halloween!!! and Happy 7th anniversary to the Bus Bass Show, to celebrate I threw down a mix of some fresh new jungle/dnb wax, long side some fresh new digis, mostly wax though :) spooky vibes in the mix :)

Bus Bass Show Vol 132

58:53 minutes (67.39 MB)

PHOS BREAKS Mixtape takeover on this edition of the show :):):) Soooooooooo Funky :)

Bus Bass Show Vol 131

58:46 minutes (67.26 MB)

Another OTF Jungle/D&B/Halftime mix from Dj Hawstyle on this edition of the Bus Bass Show.

Bus Bass Show Vol 130

59:06 minutes (67.64 MB)

On this edition of the show Dj Hawstyle throws down a mix of Jungle/D&B Classics, Enjoy :)

Bus Bass Show Vol 129

59:50 minutes (68.48 MB)

Hawstyle mixin up some nice chill dubstep and garage vibes in this edition of the show :)

Bus Bas Show Vol 128

58:37 minutes (67.09 MB)

Hawstyle with another on the flippity jungle/D&B selection, boh!!boh!!

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