WCRS Podcast - Bus Bass Show

Bus Bass Show Vol 154

58:16 minutes (66.69 MB)

PHOS Breakz beattape 12

Bus Bass Show Vol 153

58:19 minutes (66.75 MB)

For the 2nd show of 2020 hawstyle greets you with an all vinyl jungle/dnb mashup.

Bus Bass Show Vol 152

58:49 minutes (67.31 MB)

Happy New Year!! Fresh new mix from Hawstyle, all jungle/dnb, some fresh new tunes from cbus locals Lights Out and Mister Shifter in the mix BIG UPS!!!, no voice overs, full hour of jdnb just for u, Enjoy! 2020 :)

Bus Bass Show Vol 151

56:57 minutes (65.18 MB)

Another PHOS Breakz mixtape :)

Bus Bass Show Vol 150

58:30 minutes (66.95 MB)

Hawstyle droppin another jungle/dnb mix enjoy:)

Bus Bass Show Vol 149

58:24 minutes (66.84 MB)

Hawstyle rinsing out sum jungle vinyl longside some digitals, enjoy:)

Bus Bass Show Vol 148

58:31 minutes (66.96 MB)

PHOS BREAKZ drops another breaks beat tape :)

Bus Bass Show Vol 147

58:42 minutes (67.17 MB)

Hawstyle rinsin out some jungle/dnb tunes, enjoy :)

Bus Bass Show Vol 146

58:52 minutes (67.38 MB)

Bus Bass Show Live Vol 1

Live recording of Hawstyle, and Torrential T. All vinyl Jungle D&B Mix. Watch this space more live shows to come.

59:59 minutes (137.29 MB)
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