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Conscious Voices Iyad Burnat speaking in Columbus

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Palestinian activist Iyad Burnat has been fighting for years to keep his West Bank village of Bil'in from being annexed by Israel through the construction of illegal "settlements", the massive "security wall", fences, and buffer zones. He was first arrested, detained and tortured by Israeli Defense Forces as a teen , and, more recently, one of his sons was shot by an Israeli soldier during a non-violent protest, costing him part of a leg. Burnat addressed a crowd of around 70 people at the Maynard Ave Methodist Church, and also spoke about the solidarity between Palestinians and the Movement for Black Lives/Black Lives Matter in the U.S.

Conscious Voices Ohio Restrictive Voter ID Laws Challenged

Press conference at Progress Ohio offices

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Cleveland area voting rights attorney Subodh Chandra prepares to challenge Ohio's restrictive voter I. D. laws, which, he says are intended specifically to supress African American votes.

Conscious Voices Report from the Republican National Convention

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Interviews with activists outside the RNC , including STAT, a group of medical professionals opposed to Trump's stand on immigration, Ohio Jobs With Justice, Wall Off Trump,and Patriotic Millionaires, a group of wealthy individuals who support a $15 minimum wage,and campaign finance reform. Also a firey speech by Olivet Baptist paastor Jawanza Karriem Colvin.

Conscious Voices People's Summit

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A "People's Summit" was held in Chicago in June to strategize about the next steps for the progressive movement. We have audio from one of the plenaries, as well as a few words about the latest police murders of Black people.

Conscious Voices "20 minutes of action" Stanford rape case

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Stanford rape survivor's epic testimony, as read by CNN's Ashleigh Banfield, and another, un-named rape survivor's harrowing story.

CV Medical Marijuana and Western origins of Europe's refugee crisis

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Ohioans for Medical Marijuana has suspended their campaign to get a medical marijuana initiative on the state ballot, not because the odds were against them ( they weren't) but because legislators beet them to it with a lesser bill of their own. We have an interview with Aaron Marshall, spokesperson for Ohioans for Medical Marijuana.
Also, we have audio from a program from Russia Today on the origins of Europe's refugee crisis in policies of Western states.

Conscious Voices Fracking Contamination

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eologist Julie Rice-Weatherington's presentation at a day-long conference on the consequences of Fracking at the Ohio statehouse.

Conscious Voices Jane Jacobs and James Kuntzler on gentrification and urban planning

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Humane urban planning advocate Jane Jacobs speaking in 2000 on the need for a radical shift in the way we view cities, urban culture, and architecture, and author James Kuntzler on the same.

Conscious Voices Arizona Election Fraud, Sanders and Clinton on Israel, and Joe Motil on gentrification

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Arizona was a crime scene on Tuesday where election fraud was perpetrated on a massive scale, reflecting a problem that has nation-wide implications since the gutting of the Voting Rights Act. We have a number of reports from Arizona and some analysis, plus a look at Sanders and Clinton's positions on Israel, and an excerpt from an interview with community activist Joe Motil on gentrification in Columbus' North side.

Concious Voices Pacifica election special

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Pacifica Radio's national election special on the eve of Ohio's primary, with guests Will Petrik, Evan Davis and Kwazi N'Kruma

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