WCRS Podcast - Bus Bass Show

Bus Bass Show Vol 179

58:31 minutes (66.98 MB)

All vinyl jdnb mix from hawstyle for the first half of the show then an all PPJ Digi mix for the second half. Big Up PPJ Recordings outta cleveland oh

Bus Bass Show Vol 178

58:12 minutes (66.62 MB)

Hawstyle drops a blazin on the flip selection of junglednb tunes. dont sleep :)

Bus Bass Show Vol 177

59:04 minutes (67.61 MB)

Hawstyle mixin up sum more junglednb :)

Bus Bass Show Vol 176

59:10 minutes (67.72 MB)

PHOS Breakz sticker pack mixtape might not be up for free download for too long.

Bus Bass Show Vol 175

58:01 minutes (66.4 MB)

Hawstyle in de jungle :)

Bus Bass Show Vol 174

54:49 minutes (62.73 MB)

Single Action droppin a guest mix for this weeks broadcast, words from the man himself "A dj mix of my favorite current tunes from my favorite producers ,and some originals from me. Enjoy. Alittle chill,and alittle hardcore" Bigup!!!!

Bus Bass Show Vol 173

59:31 minutes (68.12 MB)

PHOS BREAKZ back with another breakbeat mashup beat tape.

Bus Bass Show Vol 172

58:01 minutes (66.39 MB)

Hawstyle rinsing out a full hour of Drum n Bass Boh! Boh!!

Bus Bass Show Vol 171

58:57 minutes (67.46 MB)

Hawstyle with another JDNB mix for the homies, luv u all!

Bus Bass Show Vol 170

58:20 minutes (66.77 MB)

Dubstep mix from Hawstyle, mostly wax!!! :) In dedication to Columbus own DR X, RIP.

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