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Conscious Voices Save Oak Flats

59:56 minutes (54.87 MB)

A rare and pristine ecosystem in Arizona is scheduled for demolition, thanks to a last-minute rider attached to a finance bill by Arizona senator John McCain that awarded the Oak Flats region to an Australian mining company. The land is sacred to the San Carlos Apaches, whose organization, Apache Stronghold, is leading the fight to stop the mine. They held a rally in Tucson to kick-off a two=week intensive campaign, culminating in a large protest gathering at Oak Flats in late February. We have audio from the rally, and an interview with Apache Stronghold spokesperson Wentsler Nosey/

Conscious Voices Paving the Pavey, and a tribute to MarShawn

59:59 minutes (54.91 MB)

Columbus social justice activist MarShawn McCarrel ended his life, but his legacy continues. A brief tribute to a fallen comrad.
Developers have their sights set on a block of historic buildings in Old North, but residents in the area are organizing to stop them in their tracks.

Conscious Voices Bryden House Evictions

59:59 minutes (54.92 MB)

A near East side apartment building, formerly dedicated as low-income housing was purchased by a New Jersey developer who is evicting dozens of elderly and disabled residents to convert the building to higher-priced apartments. A group of citizens has organized both to resist the evictions and to assist the residents.

Conscious Voices Marijuana, Keystone,MTR , and Russel Means

59:58 minutes (54.9 MB)

analysis of issue 3's defeat, update on the Keystone pipeline, a debate on Mountain top removal, and a 1989 speech to congress by Russel Means

Conscious Voices Issue 3 revisited

1:00:00 minutes (54.93 MB)

Sonali Kolhatkar takes a look at the recent police brutality incident involving a South Carolina high school student ( segment from Wednesday's edition of Uprising, produced in exile) , and an interview with Ohio Hemp pioneer, Don Wirtshafter about why he opposes Issue 3.

Conscious Voices Norman Finkelstein

59:33 minutes (54.51 MB)

anti-zionist author and lecturer Norman Finkelstein speaking recently on the escalation of the Israel-Palestine conflict, plus, audio from rallies for and against reproductive freedom

Conscious Voices TPP and Grace Lee Boggs

59:34 minutes (54.53 MB)

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders sopeak against the Trans Pacifiuc Partnership, Sonali Kolhatkar on Aghanistan and Syria, and civil rights activist Grace Lee Boggs, speaking a couple of years ago at a conference, addresses the meaning of "leadership".

Conscious Voices Logging the Hocking, and Sainting a Scoundrel

59:21 minutes (54.34 MB)

Interview with Nathan Johnson, staff attorney for the Ohio Environmental Council about a proposed logging project that would impact a large area within the Hocking Hills stste forest, and a segment from Sonali Kolhatkar's radio program, Uprising about a Native American protest over the pope's canonization of a 1`5th century missionary.

Conscious Voices Tim Wise on racism

58:58 minutes (53.99 MB)

Lecture by anti-racist author and activist Tim Wise

Conscious Voices Protest at Ginther fund raiser, Blair Mountain, Chomsky on Iran deal

59:29 minutes (54.47 MB)

Short documentary about the battle to save historic Blair Mountain from being blown up by the coal companies, a Democracy Now interview with Prof. Noam Chomsky on the Iran nuclear agreement, and citizens protest at a fund raising event for Columbus mayoral hopeful Andrew Ginther

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