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Conscious Voices Appalachian Voices and Northam Park

59:35 minutes (54.55 MB)

Monologue connecting Cecil the Lion and Mountain Top Removal and police shootings of Black folks. Interview about a proposed new Gas pipeline in Virginia, and an interview with an Upper Arlington resident who wants to save Northam Park from development.

Conscious Voices - Zero Tolerance

59:38 minutes (54.59 MB)

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17:07 minutes (15.67 MB)

Conscious Voices Naomi Klein This Changes Everything, Capitalism Vewrsus the Climate

59:07 minutes (54.12 MB)

Lecture given recently in Spain by Naomi Klein upon the release of the Spanish language edition of her new book.

Conscious Voices Bernie Sanders campaign speech

59:14 minutes (54.23 MB)

Democratic Socialist senator Bernie Sanders delivered a historic campaign speech to a crowd of nearly 10,000 people in Madison, Wisconsin. We air it here, not as an endorsement, or as a campaign speech per se, but as a political lecture punctuated by frequent applause.

Conscious Voives Michelle Alexander and Cornel West

59:26 minutes (54.42 MB)

2 editions of Laura Flanders' Grit TV featuring interviews with Michelle Alexander and Cornel West, plus commentary from Thandisizwe Chimurenga

Conscious Voices Kossuth St. Community Garden, and South Central Farm

59:20 minutes (54.32 MB)

In this program we visit the Kossuth Street Community Garden in Columbus, and we take a look back at the tragedy of the nation's largest community garden, the South Central Farm in Los Angeles which was destroyed by a developer nearly 10 years ago.

Conscious Voices Cleveland Cops, California Oil

59:32 minutes (54.5 MB)

A look at the situation in Cleveland regarding the police brutality issue, and a look back at the history of oil spills off the coast of Santa Barbara

Conscious Voices Black Lives Matter Baltimore solidarity

59:29 minutes (54.45 MB)

Sound from the Columbus, Ohio Black Lives Mtter march and sit in in solidarity with Baltimore, plus sound from another solidarity march, and MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donel on why we should stop using the term "thug".

Conscious Voices Baltimore in perspective

59:31 minutes (54.49 MB)

A look at the issues and details surrounding the Baltimore protests and their underlying causes as portrayed in alternative media outlets, not beholden to the standard narrative.

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