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YM 210601 Chango Monks and Miles

1:59:58 minutes (54.92 MB)

1st hour; The Chango Monks, a psychadelic improv band from Switzerland
2nd hour; Miles Davis live-recorded performance

YM 210413 Music of Kenya

1:59:27 minutes (54.68 MB)

A survey of popular music from Kenya in numerous genres, with an appreciative nod to our postal carrier, Matt, who just returned from a month-long trip to Kenya where he got married

CV 210520 Free Palestine!

59:57 minutes (27.44 MB)

Audio from a Palestinian solidarity rally in Columbus, Ohio, and from a press conference with the family and attorneys in the case of police-slain Columbus resident Andre Hill

YM 210517 Music of Palestine

1:59:56 minutes (54.9 MB)

In light of the latest Israeli aggressions toward the remaining fragments of Palestine, this is a 2 hour tribute to the artistry and resilience of the Palestinian people through their music and poetry. Featuring poet Mahmoud Darwish, folk singer Rim Bana, the Joubran Trio, Reem Kelani, DAM, Hala Alyan, Shadia Mansour, Farah Chamma, Shabjdeed, LowKey, Faraj Suleiman and more. Hip Hop, classical, folk, instrumental, poetry, etc. ALL of which you won't hear on any other stations in Columbus except this one and WGRN, 94.1 fm

YM 210330 Afrobeat World Wide part 2

2:00:02 minutes (54.95 MB)

More Afrobeat from bands around the world that are not Fela Kuti

YM Lee Konitz

1:59:56 minutes (81.74 MB)

A tribute to Jazz saxophonist Lee Konitz

YM Ellis Marsalis

31:13 minutes (21.5 MB)

Jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis , father of Wynton and Bradford Marsalis, succumbed to Covid 19. This is a tribute to his musical legacy

YM Man of 1000 Fingers

1:59:58 minutes (75.47 MB)

"Candido" (Candido Camero), nicknamed "Man of 1000 fingers" was one of the pioneer percussionists who introduced Afro-Cuban rhythms to the US using more than one Conga drum

YM 210209 Anne Feeney tribute

1:59:58 minutes (88.42 MB)

Political folk singer Anne Feeney passed away in February after a long battle with cancer, but she kept up her folk-singing/ worker solidarity activism right to the end , in the tradition of Joseph Hilstrom ( "Joe Hill"), Woody Guthrie, Hazel Dickens, Pete Seeger, Victor Jara, and others. In this show we feature Anne Feeney's music from various points in her career.

CVC210401 Derek Chauvin murder trial, Biden's foreign policy challenges

59:58 minutes (27.45 MB)

Sound from the protest in Minneapolis as the murder trial of Derek Chauvin begins, Phyllis Bennis on Biden;s foreign policy challenges, and audio from an Asian American solidarity rally ion Columbus

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