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Y&M 20230828 More Shakti

A live-recorded concert from Shakti's 50 year reunion tour

1:59:58 minutes (54.92 MB)

YM 20230815 Music of Madagascar

A compilation of half-century old recordings of traditional music from Madagascar , with traditional instruments unique to the island nation, and lyrics in the national Malaguay language.

1:59:58 minutes (54.91 MB)

Ym 20230725 Arturo Sandoval

Cuban jazz trumpeter Arturo Sandoval

59:43 minutes (27.33 MB)

Your Music 20230801 Sinead O'Connor

A tribute to Irish singer/ activist Sinead O'Connor

1:58:20 minutes (54.17 MB)

Your Music 20230712 Shakti

1:57:56 minutes (53.99 MB)

The 1970's East West fusion pioneer group, Shakti is reuniting for their 50 year anniversary tour. In this edition we'll hear an original Shakti concert from the 1970's and another from their 10-yewar reunion tour.

Your Music 20230619 Cris Jacobs and Pidgeons Playing Ping Pong

1:52:35 minutes (51.54 MB)

Two of the performers who played at Delfest 2023 on Memorial day weekend

Your Music 20230605 Del McCoury Band at Delfest

2:00:00 minutes (54.93 MB)

Live stage recording of the Del McCoury band at Delfest plus an interview with Del from RFD TV

Your Music 20230522 David Rovics and Dominic Lewis

1:59:49 minutes (54.85 MB)

David Rovics is a radical folk musician who, like Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger, Barbara Dane, Emmas Revolution, etc. writes songs mostly about social justice struggles and celebrations, both contemporary and historic. Amy Goodman, host, creator and producer of Democracy Now once called Rovics "The musical version of Democracy Now". He recently recorded an outdoor performance with several friends on the West Coast.
Dominic Lewis is a composer who recently created all of the music that served as the sound track for the Netflix original series Kaleidoscope, featured in the second hour.

YM 20230221 Hank Mobley

1:59:55 minutes (54.9 MB)

2 hours of Saxophone great, Hank Mobley

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