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YM 112420 Thanksgiving edition

2:00:00 minutes (81.42 MB)

A critical and partially affirming perspective on Thanksgiving featuring music from Native American artists from across the continent - mostly female artists speaking to Native American traditions, and enduring pains as well as deep reflections on beauty and community.
Featuring Pura Fe, Martha Redbone, Sharon Burch, Radmilla Cody, Raye Zaragosa, Jana Mashonee, Ulali, Walela, and more, plus an essay from my dad, Christian Davis on Freeing the Turkeys

YM 101320 Viva Puerto Rico!

2:00:00 minutes (164.79 MB)

Music from Puerto Rico - but not just Salsa and the Fania Allstars; folk, classical, Jazz, indigenous, both historical and contemporary

YM 092920 Klezmer Klatch

56:23 minutes (77.43 MB)

Some upbeat Klezmer music offered bot as an uplift, and as a way of poking fun at the current political circus

YM Toots and the Maytals 091520 Toots and the Maytals pt 1

1:59:57 minutes (164.73 MB)

A 2-part tribute to Reggae pioneer Toots Hibbert

CV 102420 Women's March to protest Amy Coney Barrett

Audio from the October 2020 national Women's March to protest the confirmation of Amy Ciney Barrett to the US supreme court

59:55 minutes (82.28 MB)

YM 100520 Oregon and Windham

2:00:00 minutes (164.79 MB)

Mellow ambient contemplative jazz fusion to rest your mind to - but, then get back to work!

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59:57 minutes (82.34 MB)

YM 090120 Woodyfest

1:59:49 minutes (164.55 MB)

Highlights from the 2020 (virtual) Woodyfest, a celebration of the songs of Woody Guthrie, featuring members of the Gutrhrie family and friends

CV 080620 Hiroshima

1:00:01 minutes (43.1 MB)

Recorded interviews with US veterans who were used as "human guinea pigs" , as they were subjected to nuclear bomb tests in the US, then a historical analysis that debunks the myth that the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had anything to do with ending WWII, then a Ted Talk lecture about the global effects of a nuclear war.

Your Music 070720 Tony Monaco

1:59:53 minutes (84.5 MB)

Columbus-based Jazz keyboardist Tony Monaco in a live-streamed home studio concert ( 2 sessions) as part of the 2020 "virtual" community festival.

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