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Your Music 080619 Silvia Perez Cruz

1:59:57 minutes (75.83 MB)

Spanish singer Silvia Perez Cruz, sings in 6 languages. 2 live-recorded performances.

Your Music 070219 The Broomstix and Yonder Mountain String Band at Delfest

1:59:55 minutes (83.71 MB)

Your Music 062519 Marcus King at Delfest

1:59:53 minutes (80.28 MB)

Blues-rocker Marcus King at Delfest 2019

Your Music Wes Montgomery

2:00:00 minutes (99.82 MB)

2-hour live-recorded concert from 1965 with Jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery

Your Music Pete Seeger at 100

2:00:00 minutes (80.84 MB)

Tribute to Pete Seeger on what would have been his 100th birthday. Hour 1, a tribute program by independent radio producer/folk musician and Seeger family friend, Larry Long. Hour 2, audio from an edition of Pete Seeger's television program Rainbow Quest featuring a solo performance by Pete.

Conscious Voices Ruben Castilla Herrera

59:56 minutes (52.61 MB)

Audio from the memorial service for Columbus community activist, and social justice chapion and friend, Ruben Castilla Herrera

Your Music 2019 interview with Zakir Hussain

1:59:59 minutes (86.83 MB)

Renowned Tabla master and world music ambassador Zakir Hussain granted me an interview in advance of his April 17 appearance in Columbus at the Southern Theater. This program features the over 30 minutes of the interview with selections of Zakir's music from various points in his long career.

Conscious Voices More on Venezuela ( and a media critique)

59:57 minutes (41.37 MB)

3 presentations on Venezuela showing both broader analysis than you typically find in the American media, and a response from NPR to my letter critiquing its reporting, which, according to NPR itself, many feel has been one-sided, favoring the opposition.

Your Music Zakir and Friends

1:59:59 minutes (85.8 MB)

Great N orthern Indian classical music from Zakir Hussain, Komar Bose, Anoushka Shankar and more.

Your Music Angelo DeBarre

1:59:59 minutes (81.07 MB)

Simply some of the finest "Gypsy Jazz" you will ever hear, from Romanian guitarist Angelo DeBarre

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