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Non-paid internships involving WCRS and OSU students ?

Here is the email I sent to April ( and journalism professor and writer Nicole (

Hi April,

Evelyn Van Til suggested we discuss whether to form one or more non-paid internships involving OSU students and WCRS which is a community radio station.

As a focus for the internships, Evelyn suggested content management and web design. I'm open-minded about that, but I was thinking more in terms of journalism majors and other majors doing a type of "alternative/interactive media" internship.

That would be practicum focusing more on content, that is, contributing to public discourse on important issues, using audio recorders, cameras, video cameras, in addition to writing. (It doesn't have to be all 4. Students can work that out with WCRS)

By the way, WCRS content is linked to content of other media sites such as Columbus Underground, and the Columbus Free Press. Our station is a member of Pacifica, a network of independent media outlets in the US and Canada.

As as result of that, students who create audio content can make their work available to other outlets and make contacts w/ reporters and editors around the country and in other parts of the world.

If I recall correctly, when I was an OSU student, there was a JCOM course that involved 1 - 5 credit hrs for this sort of arrangement. And perhaps it was repeatable up to 3 times.

Should we meet at your office sometime in the next week or so ?