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Conscious Voices Cleveland Cops, California Oil

59:32 minutes (54.5 MB)

A look at the situation in Cleveland regarding the police brutality issue, and a look back at the history of oil spills off the coast of Santa Barbara

Conscious Voices Black Lives Matter Baltimore solidarity

59:29 minutes (54.45 MB)

Sound from the Columbus, Ohio Black Lives Mtter march and sit in in solidarity with Baltimore, plus sound from another solidarity march, and MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donel on why we should stop using the term "thug".

Conscious Voices Baltimore in perspective

59:31 minutes (54.49 MB)

A look at the issues and details surrounding the Baltimore protests and their underlying causes as portrayed in alternative media outlets, not beholden to the standard narrative.

Conscious Voices Nestle Water Scandal

59:37 minutes (54.58 MB)

As we face a water shortage crisis globally, thanks to climate change, commercial meat production, Fracking, and water pollution there is a push to privatize the world's remaining fresh water supplies. The Swiss-owned company, Nestle, the world's foremost marketer of bottled water, has been in the forefront of this controversy, especially in light of recent statements by Nestle's CEO that water should not be considered a human right.

Conscious Voices Demystifying ISIS

59:26 minutes (54.41 MB)

MIT political science professor Rich Neilsson and author/historian Juan Cole explain the rise of ISIS; who they are, what they want, and the circumstances in which they operate.

Conscious Voices Save Oak Flats

59:37 minutes (54.57 MB)

Recently passed legislation traded a culturally and environmentally significant area within the Tonto National Forest to a foreign-owned mining company in exchange for less desirable parcels of land in Arizona. The planned Copper mine at Oak Flats will destroy an area several miles square. The San Carlos Apaches who have strong ancestral ties to the area being threatened, are organizing to prevent its destruction.

Conscious Voices U.S. - Iran relations

58:55 minutes (53.94 MB)

Panel discussion featuring Noam Chomsky on the history and future of U.S. relations with Iran

Conscious Voices Vandana Shiva

59:46 minutes (54.72 MB)

Conscious Voices Al Jazeera documentary on U.S./ Syria relations

59:27 minutes (54.42 MB)

A mini-documentary from Al Jazeera English about the history of U.S./ Syria relations, plus a commentary from Thandisizwe Chimurenga

Conscious Voices Phyllis Benis on addressing Isis without war

59:15 minutes (54.25 MB)

Institute for Policy Studies analyst Phillis Benis speaking in late 2014 on the Isis crisis and how to address it without resorting to military intervention.

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