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Conscious Voices Julian Bond in Columbus

59:38 minutes (54.61 MB)

If you missed seeing Julian Bond in Columbus on MLK commemoration day, speaking at the Lincoln Theater to an overflow crowd, WCRS was there to record it. In this edition we also have a panel discussion from the National Urban League on the state of Black FEMALE America.

Conscious Voices Leelah Alcon Presente!

59:39 minutes (54.61 MB)

A critical look at U.S. media coverage of international events, including the Charlie Hebdo massacre, then audio from a candlelight vigil in Columbus remembering transgendered teen Leelah Alcon who committed suicide a few weeks ago, citing a lack of acceptance on the parts of parents, and society.

Conscious Voices Angela Davis Freedom Dreams, Freedom Now

59:31 minutes (54.5 MB)

An article by Arun Gupta on the next steps for the Black Lives Matter movement, and a speech by Angela Davis on the same

Conscious Voices Black Lives Still Matter

59:17 minutes (54.27 MB)

Continuing protests against police brutality are met with continuing intransigence by law enforcement, as well as continued censorship and distortion by many media outlets. Audio from the most recent Black Lives Matter demonstration in Columbus, and an op-ed by Thanidisizwe Chimurenga about the sparse attention given to female victims of violence.

www.youtube.com - Sandra Steingraber Reacts - NY Decision to Prohibit Fracking

59:30 minutes (54.47 MB)

Conscious Voices March for Black Lives

59:38 minutes (54.59 MB)

Interview with James Hayes and Alwiyah Shariff of the Student Organizing Committee on the directions and perspectives of the current movement to oppose police brutality, and audio, including interviews, chants and speeches from the 700+person march and rally for Black Lives in Columbus on Dec. 8

Conscious Voices The Making of Ferguson

59:32 minutes (54.5 MB)

Panel discussion on the historical conditiions that underlie the police shootings in Ferguson and Ohio, featuring author Richard Rothstein, and NAACP Legal Defense Fund attorney Sherrylin Ifill

Conscious Voices "Calm returns" to Ferguson?

59:31 minutes (54.5 MB)

Pt. 1 of audio from a symposium held at Stanford University on the implications of Ferguson

Conscious Voices Sandy Hook Promise

59:08 minutes (54.14 MB)

People from Newtown, Connecticut, where the infamous Sandy Hook school shootings too place 2 years ago, were in Columbus last week to launch a national promotion for a program they've developed called Sandy Hook Promise, which hopes to address the epidemic of gun violence in the U.S. by educating communities and individuals on methods of prevention.

Conscious Voices Fracking developments and killer cop protests

59:17 minutes (54.27 MB)

Interview with Allison Auciello ofFood and Water Watch at a protest against fracking in Columbus, audio from an early Ferguson protest attacked by police,and audio from a press conference in Dayton with the family of John Crawford

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