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Conscious Voices Columbus rally for Palestine

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Audio from a recent Palestine solidarity rally in Columbus Ohio, which drew around 400 people. The rally went smoothly and without incident. It was not co-opted by hate or anti-Jewish sentiments, nor commandeered by Trotskyists, nor picketed by counterprotesters. Maybe if any of those things had happened, it might have garnered more attention in the local media, but the full audio is here, along with commentary, and a musical piece by Anoushka Shankar

Your Music; Music of Palestine (re-loaded)

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Same program as the previous one, but un-compromised by the technical glitch that prevented last week's show from fully airing.

Conscious Voices Noura Erakat on Palestinian leadership

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Professor Noura Erakat is a human rights activist and attorney, teaching at George Mason university, ho I had the pleasure of meeting once at a Palestinian solidarity conference. She is an occasional guest on Democracy Now. Here she speaks at length about the history of Palestinian leadership and the impacts of Israeli and Western policies on its development

Conscious Voices A Just Peace in Palestine

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On the third weekend in July there was a rally in Columbus which drew an estimated 3,000 people demanding an end to Israel's assault on Gaza and to the occupation. It was one of many such rallies around the world and in the U.S., yet all of those rallies received scant coverage in the Western media. In this edition we have an interview with Reema Al-Waridat, a Palestinian American who organized last week's rally and is co-organizing another, scheduled for Friday, August 1 at 4 pm at Broad and High. We also have 3 reports sourced from Russia Today discussing the current siege and the history behind it. With musical bridges from Ghalia Benali and Rim Bana

Conscious Voices Detroiut Water Brigades, Nigerian activist Leo Igwe on the rise of Islamic extremism

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Jenny Scheinbach travels to Detroit to bring water and solidarity to residents whose water has been shut off by the appointed city manager, and Nigerian human rights activist Leo Igwe speaks in Columbus on the rise of Islamic extremism

Conscious Voices Franklinton Community Gardens

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This week we pay a visit to a unique community gardens project in the Franklinton neighborhood that has two acres under cultivation on 5 city plots, and is building community in an otherwise blighted area.

Conscious Voices Jesus Christ Superstore, Angela Davis, and eeflection on July 4

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James Earl Jones reads Frederick Douglas' reflections on July 4th, NARAL's Jamie Miracle on the Hobby Lobby decision, and Angela Davis speaking at the Left Forum

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Conscious Voices renewable energy in a post SB310 Ohio

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Interview with Mark Shanahan, energy adviser to former governor Ted Strickland

Conscious Voices coping with climate change (droughts)

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This is a lecture from the recent conference on climate change held at the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University. This one deals especially with severe droughts and how they have impacted human populations in the past, and their likely implications in the future.Conscious Voices

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