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Conscious Voices Black Lives Matter (rally in Columbus)

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Hundreds of folks rallied over the weekend in Columbus demanding justice in the (many) cases of unjustified police shootings of Black folks, and linked the crisis to the historic struggles for civil rights and equality in the U.S, Palestine, Mexico, and around the world. Audio from video recorded by Jim Brew Anderson

The Light Catcher, Cynthia Rosi book release interview, Oct 17, 2014

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WCRS Election Coverage - Meet the Candidates - Oct 2nd 2014

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Meet the Candidates Forum hosted by E. Michelle Lee on October 2nd at the Northland Community Center.

Speaking Franklin County Common Pleas Court
James W. Brown and Rita McNeil Danish

Ohio State Senate, 3rd district
Star Johnson

Ohio State Senate 19th district
Neil Patel

Ohio State House 19th district
Michael Johnston

Ohio House 25th district
Kevin L. Boyce
Seth B. Golding

Conscious Voices Climate March

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On Sept 21 more than 400,000 people marched in New York City to demand action to address climate change. Unfortunately, the commercial and "public" media maintained its climate of omission and barely covered the event. In this program we have several speeches that were given at a forum held the night before the march. Speakers include Senator Bernie Sanders, 350.org founder Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, and Chris Hedges.

Conscious Voices; Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow

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Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow spoke at Ohio Dominican University to a full audience of nearly 1000 people about the prevalence of institutionalized racism and how it has created a new "caste system" in America.

Conscious Voices Columbus Community Bill or Rights

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Activists in Columbus launch a campaign to amend the city charter with a "bill of rights" that would allow the city administration to adopt ordinances that protect our water, air, and soil against industrial solution, in opposition to the statewide authority of the industry-friendly Ohio Department of Natural Resources' regulatory authority, thus reclaiming local control.

Conscious Voices Detroit Water Crisis, Community Bill of Rights

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Interview with activists in Detroit leading the fight against water privatization.
Interview with Caroline Harding, on the Columbus Community Bill of Rights Initiative.

Conscious Voices Ferguson, Moral Mionday, Bilal al Youssef

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Conscious Voices Ferguson, Moral M ondays, and Bilal Al-Youssef on losing relatives in Gaza

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On-the-ground report from Ferguson with Thandisizwe Chimurenga, Local activist Bilal Al-Youssef reflect on the killing of some of his relatives by Israeli bombing in Gaza,and the Moral Monday coalition comes tyo Ohio to organize for justice and equality.

08/22/2014- Rania Masri on Palestine

59:03 minutes (54.08 MB)

Both a recorded speech and a phone interview with professor Rania Masri on the roots of the crisis in Palestine and the global response to Israel's siege of Gaza.

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